Imperial Agenda: Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Work and life stuff have been really wild, but hopefully, things will be settling down soon.

I've been doing a lot of IA Skirmish practice lately, getting in four to five games a week, and while I feel like I'm a slightly above average player, sometimes I feel like I keep hitting walls and progress is going really slow, but I keep hitting those walls until I break through. 

As I think I've said before I want to get finalized Imperial and Rebel lists by the end of the month to just start practicing the crap out of and learn like the back of my hand. I think this is going to be essential to winning or at least top 8'ing regionals and store championships. I think like with Magic a lot of players are playing flavor of the week lists which they've tested two or three times before the tournament. Don and I's plan is to just stick with a list and learn all the tricks like they're second nature. I also came up with the idea of taking the maps and working on marking them with safe spaces / danger zones to help with positioning. 

As well as IA I've been working on some X-Wing lists too. I like IA more than X-Wing, but it's hard because there's a lot more to read on the internet about X-Wing and because a lot more people play, though granted I love our small IA group and I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

For me playing these games, I'm picturing myself in the character's shoes and it's like a little Star Wars fan fiction in my mind and I love it. 

I'm debating playing at Dragon's Lair this Friday, as well as Nerdstock Gaming on Sunday if I am able. 

Here are the lists I'm thinking about playing. 

Def Star2


I'd share my IA lists, but I'm keeping them close to the chest until they're final. Once I lock them down, I'll be sure to list them out. 

I want to thank Zion's Finest IA Podcast and their Slack group for all the help they've given me and Nerdstock for always letting us play there. If you're a hardcore dinosaur talk fan, join our page on facebook here

More to come!