Gotta See It: Avengers: Infinity War Predictions (Possible Spoilers)

Everyone has been waiting for Thanos and Infinity War pretty much since the first Avengers movie in 2012. Despite the film being named Infinity War, I always assumed it would be based on Jim Starlin's Infinity Gauntlet, rather than his Infinity War series.It's also starting to look as though with the inclusion of the Black Order, as well as the huge battle in Wakanda, it's going to be drawing from Jonathan Hickman's 2013 Marvel Crossover, Infinity as well, which happens to be my favorite Marvel crossover.

Possible Spoilers to follow.

That's all basic knowledge though and with the movie only being a month out, people are really starting to wonder about specifics of the movie, especially who will die. I've put a great amount of thought int this, but because I've seen some of the characters I expected to die on set for Avengers 4 I'm not really that sure anymore. That being said, here is a list of who I expect to die in Infinity War.
  1. The Vision - I'm not that hip on the Vision, to begin with, unless we're talking about Tom King's amazing run on the comic. He's kinda boring and I sort of feel like without the Mind Stone he's a goner. Although I can see Shuri coming up with some Wakandan tech to bring him back in Avengers 4. They've blown him up and put him back together so many times in the comics that this happening in the films doesn't seem out of order.
  2. Loki - I love Tom Hiddleston as Loki and I really like the way he's one of the few deep and evolving villains in the MCU. I don't think he's going to be giving up the Tesseract to Thanos willingly. With his seemingly redemptive arc in Ragnarok and possibly seeing all of the Asgardians dying at Thanos' hand on that ship (if that even happens), I could see him making some sort of self-sacrifice to trap Thanos in another dimension, ie. the Cancerverse, like Starlord and Nova, did in the comics. 
  3. Drax - I could see Drax teaming up with Loki or somehow being a part of the plan to trap Thanos and dying. It will be framed as a reunion with his family and a fitting end to his story arc. 
  4. Captain America - I could see him dying in this one, having Tony or T'challa make Bucky the next Cap, and appearing in flashback only in Avengers 4. 
  5. Hawkeye's Family - Something has to drive him into that Ronin persona he seemed to be sporting on the Avengers 4 set. Having your family killed will do that to a man. 
  6. The Black Order - If Thanos doesn't die I feel like the entirety of the Black Order has to. 
I can't say for sure any of these deaths will come to pass, but they are my educated guesses. I've heard rumors that possibly Tony Stark / Iron Man might die and Shuri would take his mantle like Riri Williams has in the comics, but IMO Tony Stark is a man who can never die in the MCU, and while he may not be a major player after Avengers 4, I could see him being the guy who "consults"/funds the Avengers and makes some cameos.

As for the plot of the film, I'm not really really certain what all the beats will be, but I have come up with the following list of things I think will happen or when they happen.
  1. The Wakandan Battle - It'll have to either be at the beginning like when Cull Obsidian (Black Dwarf in the comics) attacks to get an Infinity Stone or it'll be at the end and like Tony Stark alludes to in the trailer, they'll gather to fight in Wakanda with all the Infinity Stones they have left in their possession.
  2. Ebony Maw taking control of Dr. Strange - It didn't really amount to much in Infinity, but I could see Maw puppeting Strange into some kind of betrayal of the rest of the Avengers. 
  3. Corvius Glaive Prying the Mind Stone out of The Vision's Head - I get the feeling this might be some sort of sneak attack and might be toward the beginning of the movie, as the Vision isn't in the trailers much other than that scene. 
  4. Thanos Killing all the Asgardians on the ship and taking the Tesseract - I think this is the first thing that will happen in the film and will lead too...
    • Thor meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy and forging his new ax with part of Groot as the handle. 
    • Simultaneously Hulk / Bruce Banner will fall out of the sky and into the Sanctum Sanctorum with the tale of what happened on the Asgardian ship, much like the Silver Surfer fell into the Sanctorum in Infinity Gauntlet. 
That leaves us with the things I have no idea about and want to find out when I watch the film
  1. What are these circle things in the sky that seem to be ascending? Are they going to be creating a force field around Earth? Why are they ascending? Does that mean Thanos assembles them on earth? 
  2. What is this thing with the handles that Thor is on, I assume it to be a circle ship.
  3. Does the Hulk wear the Hulkbuster armor and why?
  4. Why the secrecy around Hawkey
  5. What's with Thanos' new origin and motivation? He's not the son of the High Evolutionary? He's not from Titan, the moon of Saturn? He's still trying to destroy half the life in the universe, but not bc he's in love with Mistress Death? From how Feige describes it, it's like he thinks he's doing something good. See this article: 
Finally, I want to leave with how I think the film will end and how I think it will tie into Avengers 4. I'm less confident about this theory when Avengers 4 stopped being Infinity War Part 2, but I think Thanos will kill half the life in the Universe and Avengers 4 is going to be about them dealing with the fallout of that and restoring order. 

So these are my current theories on Infinity War. I definitely have expectations, but at the same time, I really want to be surprised with what happens. I think Marvel has been pretty good about dropping hints at what happens, but not telling us Doomsday is at the end (I'm looking at you BvS trailers). Let me know if you agree with my theories or you think it's all total BS. Let me know your own theories about the film or thing things I'm wondering about.