Imperial Agenda: My Introduction to X-Wing

I swore after starting Imperial Assault I would not get into another minatures game. I've seen X-Wing and Armada floating around since they came out and I've always wanted to play one of these games, but felt the price point was too high. After playing Imperial Assault and picturing all the Star Wars battles going down in my head like hown movies, it was only a matter of time before I allowed myself to "talking into" checking out X-Wing. 

A friend of mine who was going to play the Imperial Assault campaign with us tonight told me he was going to play X-Wing with a friend of his beforehand. Thinking to myself, "Hmm, maybe I could live vicariously through these dudes," I asked if I could watch them play to which he said, "Yes."

Don and I ended up at Nerdstock to play test a new IA list he built before playing X-Wing. I played my usual Vader list, but I'm really starting to wonder if I need to go Palp / AT-DP, but anyway... Don told me there was a format called Furball where each player gets one ship and everyone goes into a free for all. He said it would be a good way for me to learn the game. I told him I was down, as long as his friend was down too. I'd hate for him to have to change his plans to play Don to accommidate me. 

It turns out his friend didn't mind and I played a little Tie Defender while Don played a First Order Tie Figher and his friend played something else. It turns out that X-Wing is not as complicated as it looks and is ZOMG fun. I kept doing my little manuvers and picturing myself in the cockpit of a tie fighter zooming all around. It was a lot of fun! 

They told me that when you play a regular game you have 100 points, like you have 40 for an IA squad, and you can use these points for ships and cards to customize your ships! Needless to say I'm definetly in to play more, I saw there is a Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter, so next time we play, I might have to have one of those handy!