Imperial Agenda: Tournament Report - Dallas Regionals 2017

This past Saturday (Feb 3rd, 2018) I went to my first Imperial Assault Regional Tournament and I had a blast! I might not have won the most games and I might not have won those sweet sweet dice I was after, but I met/played some games with some cool people and learned quite a bit from watching people play along the way.

Before I get started, I would like to note the matches I am describing are how I recall them. I took notes the best I could after, but one can only do so much. If I played you and you felt it went down differently, please comment and I will update my match notes.
I played Han, Chewie, Jyn, MHD, 2x Smugglers, C-3PO, and Gideon.

Round One 
Opponent: Lucas
Map: Nal Hutta
Deployments: 2x eJet, eSentry, 2x Officer, Vader, Zillo, Rule by Fear

As soon as I sat down in front of Lucas I knew I was in trouble. He was wearing a Worlds 2017 shirt and when someone asked him about his dice, he told them he had obtained them at Worlds. “This guy must be a pro,” I thought to myself, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from my quest for dice.
He won the die role and chose the narrow side with water on it. One thing that put me a little on tilt here was the fact that the map was positioned so that my deployment zone was directly in front of me, where as I am used to having the deployment zones to the east and west, again I wasn’t going to let this stop me.

When I saw his figures, I was very surprised not to see Palpatine, but I figured he had his reasons. It was a short match. I was able to get my guys out to the blocky L shaped wall and a little bit beyond that along what I usually call the south side of the map, but he ended up getting Vader and the eJets in to slaughter me.

Standings 0-1

Round Two

Since I was at table one and lost, I assumed I was in store for a bye, and I was correct. So I watched some of Robert’s and Andy’s games and sat out in my car for a little bit speaking to my dad. In retrospect, I wish I had taken some pictures of them playing for our local Austin group.

Standing: 1-1

Round Three
Opponent: Dan
Map: Jabba’s Palace
Deployments: AT-DP, Vader, Palpatine, Officer, Something else I forgot.

Jabba’s Palace is probably one of the harder maps for me, which is why I’m glad it’s rotating out next. It’s got so many hidey holes and places where you think you’re safe, but everyone has line of sight on you. I had also played against an AT-DP and Palp on this map in playtesting to not great effect. Again. I was undeterred. I had come to mercilessly beat that ass for Austin and bring home dice.

I don’t remember who had Initiative first, it was either him or myself… He started in the Blue zone with that side of the map on his side and I started in the red zone.

I watched him do the thing I’ve seen people do several times and use the movement of his AT-DP to push someone at the door to open it next round and someone else to be adjacent to the terminal.

With that being set up, I def was not going to open my door and try to rush out, so I went down the steps to the east and started trying to group people up. I moved a smuggler down to get the terminal and then I think I overextended with Jyn and moved her out too far to try getting an objective.

Eventually, I moved my other smuggler out to the east to get an objective and then sent Han after him to help protect and to maybe get some shots off on the AT-DP or other dudes coming out of the door.
In the end, I didn’t keep my box together and he took me down one by one.

Record 1-2

Round 4
Opponent: James
Map: Mos Eisley Back Alleys
Deployment: Gideon, C-3PO, Alliance Rangers, Echo Base Troopers, Han

Overall I’d say this was probably the most fun game of the day I played. We both played well, and it felt evenly matched and not a soul crusher. I had been told due to my strength of schedule if I won, I would be 2-2 and have a slim chance at Top 8, so I set up my people and did my best.

We aligned the map, so the blue deployment zone was to the south, which is where I started.
James opened the door and started to move some of his team east into the room with some objectives, as well as down the far most west lane. I moved my people up the far most west lane and ended up moving one someone lane to the left so that I could send people into the room that way.

We had a cool Han shootout where one of us shot a Han and then there was return fire, it was fun. My Han came out of it with a bit more health than his did and I ended up killing his Han. I managed to take down a few more of his people and get some objective points for the win.

I know I said this was the most fun match I had, and it was, but it wasn’t because I won. It was just the first match that seemed even.

Record 2-2

In the end sadly, I did not make Top 8, but I really did have a great time, and felt like even though I didn’t win per se, I won in that I learned a lot of things about how people play and react to things, which will hopefully make me a better player in the future. It all felt pretty good for a first-time big tournament for someone who has been only been playing IA for like three months (Campaign) and Skirmish specifically for two. I look forward to continuing to grow in skill and to play in future tournaments. I didn’t get dice this time, but I know I will in the future!

I found out later on Sunday that I made 10th place out of 17 people and Lucas, whom I had played first round, won the tournament.

I want to say a special thanks to each of my opponents who allowed me to take their pictures for this article, as well as to Common Ground Games for hosting the event.