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Insta-saurus: Close game with Andy!


Insta-saurus: podcasting!


Insta-saurus: Look who finally came out of hiding to eat that algae!


Insta-saurus: Played some EDH tonight.


Insta-saurus: Love this sticker!


Insta-saurus: thanks to Ryan from @brotherswarcast for picking this up at GP Dallas for me! Ertai has been one of my favorite characters since Weatherlight!


Gotta See It: Black Panther Review

The hype is real, Black Panther is an amazing movie that felt like a cyberpunk spy film with heavy influence from African culture. The cinematography and CGI were beautiful. I've heard people say this film was going to be like a blacksploitation film from the 70's, which I never believed it was going to be, and I found it to be anything but that. 

I was glad the story gave the characters ample time to develop through the course of the movie and refrained from making anyone a particular stereotype. Everyone felt like they had the proper amount of screen time, so it's awesome to get to know this new cast of characters. A lot of people criticize Marvel movies for having weak villains, but I feel it's fair to say the villains in this film, for the most part, had complex motivations and were not one dimensional. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Michael B. Jordan's films, but he was very good in this movie as Killmonger and as usual Andy Serkis killed it!
My first in…

InstaZack: I'm the batman every girl dreams about!


Imperial Agenda: My Introduction to X-Wing

I swore after starting Imperial Assault I would not get into another minatures game. I've seen X-Wing and Armada floating around since they came out and I've always wanted to play one of these games, but felt the price point was too high. After playing Imperial Assault and picturing all the Star Wars battles going down in my head like hown movies, it was only a matter of time before I allowed myself to "talking into" checking out X-Wing. 
A friend of mine who was going to play the Imperial Assault campaign with us tonight told me he was going to play X-Wing with a friend of his beforehand. Thinking to myself, "Hmm, maybe I could live vicariously through these dudes," I asked if I could watch them play to which he said, "Yes."
Don and I ended up at Nerdstock to play test a new IA list he built before playing X-Wing. I played my usual Vader list, but I'm really starting to wonder if I need to go Palp / AT-DP, but anyway... Don told me there was…

Insta-saurus: That's my ship the farthest away from everyone!


Insta-saurus: Learning to play X-Wing!


Op-Ed: How fix the DC Film Universe

How to Fix the DC Film Universe in 10 Easy Steps!

Get rid of Geoff Johns.Bring back Zack Snyder to oversee it all.Bring in writers who know the characters (not Johns) and pair them with other proven movie writers to get some decent scripts. Bring in passionate new directors (Not Josh Trank) to tell these stories. Set a definite line up of quality movies people want to see mixed in with a few new characters. (Sorry Cyborg, Joker Solo Film, Harley solo film. Joker / Harley Stockholm syndrome film). No origin stories. If I see Thomas or Martha Wayne take a bullet again, I'm going to put one in my own faceDO NOT LET BEN AFFLECK LEAVE.STOP LETTING THE STUDIOS INTERFERE WITH THE FILMS THEY'VE HIRED WRITERS AND DIRECTORS TO MAKE. ???Profit!

Listen Here: New Regrettes Single, "Come Through"

I really dig this band's first record, "Feel Your Feelings Fool," which came out last year. I'm wondering if the release of a new single, not from that album, means another one is forthcoming. Hope you dig this.

Insta-saurus: our fancy new mos eisley back alleys mats came in!


Insta-saurus: #squadlife


Imperial Agenda: Tournament Report - Dallas Regionals 2017

This past Saturday (Feb 3rd, 2018) I went to my first Imperial Assault Regional Tournament and I had a blast! I might not have won the most games and I might not have won those sweet sweet dice I was after, but I met/played some games with some cool people and learned quite a bit from watching people play along the way.

Before I get started, I would like to note the matches I am describing are how I recall them. I took notes the best I could after, but one can only do so much. If I played you and you felt it went down differently, please comment and I will update my match notes.
I played Han, Chewie, Jyn, MHD, 2x Smugglers, C-3PO, and Gideon.

Round One 
Opponent: Lucas
Map: Nal Hutta
Deployments: 2x eJet, eSentry, 2x Officer, Vader, Zillo, Rule by Fear

As soon as I sat down in front of Lucas I knew I was in trouble. He was wearing a Worlds 2017 shirt and when someone asked him about his dice, he told them he had obtained them at Worlds. “This guy must be a pro,” I thought to myself, but …

Imperial Agenda: Learning How to use Vassal to Play Imperial Assault Online

The last video I've seen on playing IA on Vassal was about two years old and the client has changed some since then. I took me a couple of weeks of people showing me how to play and me having to ask a lot of questions about how to get up and running, especially in regards to saving decks.

Some of my friends have been asking about how to learn Vassal, as well as some new members of the Zion's Finest Slack group, so I figured I'd put everything I've learned so far into this video. I hope it helps. If you have any questions, you can hit me up on twitter @z4ck38 or you can comment on this post and I will do my best to answer or find answers for you.

Gotta See It: Mute

Moon is a great movie, arguably one of Sam Rockwell's best. I heard a while back that Duncan Jones, director of Moon, was working on a spiritual sequel to Moon, but filed the information away for later. Earlier this week I heard the film was going to be on Netflix and suddenly I was super excited, but watching the trailer below I'm now beyond excited!!! IndieWire is calling it Blade Runner meets Casablanca!

I've been a fan of Alexander Skarsgard since I saw him in last years criminally underrated War on Everyone. Based on what I can put together from the trailer, he looks perfect for this part.

I'll definitely be putting up a review after I see it.

Read more here at IndieWire.

Gotta See It: The Cloverfield Paradox

I was excited to see this in theaters, but super stoked I can watch it right now (as in tomorrow as I'm about to pass out). 

Read more about it here at

who wore it better me or Justin?


Gotta See It: Solo Teaser Trailer

Visually this looks amazing. I want to hear Alden Ehrenreich speak as Han though before we go any further though, I'm still not convinced. I think Donald Glover looked like a boss as Lando (my favorite Star Wars character).

 I predict we're going to have a bit of a Don Draper situation here and Han isn't his real name.

Gotta See It: Natalie's Second Rap

I love this one, especially the Star Wars refrences, but I still find the first one to be better. 

Imperial Agenda: IA Regionals Dallas Texas

I had a great time in Dallas today. Met and played some new people, as well as learned some new lessons. A friend and I left around 7:30am, made good time getting there, and made it back by about 10:15pm.

More details to come in my full tournament report, coming soon!

Gotta See It: Dundee (2018)

They keep telling me it's a Superbowl ad for Austrailian tourism, but I refuse to give up hope this is a real film. I'd pay double the price of a regular movie ticket to see this twice!

Imperial Agenda: Product Price Increase

I had heard some rumors this was going to happen, but I took them to be just that, rumors. Unfortunately today I found out that the price hike is real, with most everything increased by $3. This doesn't seem like a great deal for someone like me, whos only been playing for a few months, has a healthy collection, but are still is missing several figures.

One thing that struck me as odd was the fact all the older figures prices rose, as well as those going forward (I assume). Since all figures are more or less still in print it makes me think there was some sort of rise in the price of manufacturing the product.

I'd say I'm pretty meh about the change. I don't love it, but I'm not mad, it is what it is.

Nah, it's not an inconvenience to have to hook a monitor up to the server under my bed.

Imperial Agenda: More Practice for Dallas IA Regionals

I feel totally exhausted, but in a good way, like I've actually accomplished something. Monday night I played a game on Vassal using my new list versus Kenny from Zion's Finest podcast on Nal Hutta and even though I didn't win, I felt like I learned about the positioning of my figures to keep them out of line of sight and a few other tricks on that map.

 Tuesday I played a game with Brandon on Mos Eisley Back Alleys, with him playing my Vader / Palp list. It was a close game, but in the end, I feel like I overextended and got dominated by Vader. Which sucks, but at the same time, it was a good lesson to learn.

Yesterday I played another game again Vader / Palp piloted by Scott from the Zion's Finest group on Jabba's Palace and he handily beat my ass. The beating sucked, but seeing him pilot Vader / Palp in ways I had never considered was really cool and we had an awesome conversation after discussing tactics and positioning. For some reason, I have a really hard t…