Star Wars: The Last Jedi


I finally was able to take my father to see TLJ yesterday, which means quite a bit to me, as he is the one that introduced the love of Star Wars and Science Fiction to me.

Discussing the movie afterwards, we had the same feelings about the film. There were good parts, there were bad parts, and there were insipid parts.

This was my fourth time seeing the film. The first time I was totally appalled, sad, and tried to hang myself with my belt in the bathroom. I spoke to some fellow Star Wars nerds and they said they loved it! For fear of missing out, I went online, read everything I could about why people liked the things i didn't, and went for a second showing. I left the theater more upset than the first time. A week or two later I was bored, so I figured I'd see it again. This time I solely focused on the visuals and ignored the story and was pleased with the visuals.

Overall if you can get past it's glaring inadequacies, it is still a fun film to watch. There are space battles, lightsaber fights, adventures on other planets, and Hux being thrown about like a rag doll with the force.

Despite my disdain for certain bits, I still rated it my number two movie of 2017 and recommend any Star Wars or Sci-Fi Fantasy fans check it out. Things that are a problem for me might not be for you.

Currently I am awaiting the novelization with bated breath, hoping for clarifications and inner monologue.