My Last Minute Imperial Assault Audible for Dallas

I'm doing something I swore I'd never do again, I'm calling a last-minute audible and changing the list I'm playing. At least I decided to do it a week before the tournament, rather than the morning of.

I've been playing a Darth Vader / Palpatine list since I began playing Imperial Assault (IA), as I am a firm believer in #TheEmpireDidNothingWrong. That being said, playing this squad is the equivalent of playing Storm or some other control deck in Magic. I have fun playing it and I don't mind being beat whilst playing with friends, but for my first big IA tournament, I want to bring the pain.

I practiced with a friend this past Wednesday and learned about the hurt Jyn Odan can put on one with her Hair-Trigger ability. It's pretty annoying when I send Vader in after someone and suddenly I've got this lady shooting at me with an extra green die, as obviously, C-3PO or Gideon has focused her up. Han was also in this list and with his Return Fire ability, as well Rogue Smuggler giving him an end of round shot. Needless to say, Han can be a devastating character whom I find best to leave alone, lest he gets three shots off at sad bastard who decides to face him.

 Today we practiced again, as we are wont to do on Saturdays, and my friend added Chewbacca to the mix. Chewbacca is another tough bastard who likes to use his Slam ability on his enemies for a red die's worth of unmitigable damage, then attack you in the face with blue, yellow, and red dice. The really messed up thing with Chewbacca is, even though Jyn is a pain, she's easily killed and when she is his Command card, Debts Repaid, can be played to ready him and he can pull his shenanigans a second time. Oh and did I mention Wookie Avengers lets you start with Debts Repaid in your hand? What the hell damn guy?

Originally the list my friend was playing had Lando, but as much as we all LOVE Lando, he just never seems to do anything very meaningful in games I've seen or played him in. I convinced my friend to take out Lando and Balance of the Force and replace them with MHD-19, to heal up Han and Chewie, who would be taking the brunt of the beats, and a second Alliance Smuggler because activations are good.I wasn't sure these changes were going to be good, as I'm a fairly new Skirmish player, but wow, things got nasty real quick with C-3PO and Gideon giving everyone focus, Jyn using her Hair Trigger, Han taking a million shots, and Chewie slamming folks!

After my friend played this list against another one of our friends, who is also practicing for Dallas next weekend, I played the list and found it to feel a lot more intuitive to play than the Vader / Palpatine / 2x eJet Troopers / 2x Imperial Officer list I had been playing, even though I still love it. The extra activations felt super good and the level of pain being dealt out was immense. After some discussion, I decided perhaps it was time to pivot. I've had a lot of practice with my other squad, but I'm intending to practice my ass off with this one and try to bring back some sweet sweet sway back to Austin, because as everyone knows, how can you passive aggressively tell your opponents you're better than them without promos and acrylic?