Listen Here: The Movielife

I saw this interview with Vinnie and Brandon from The Movielife and wanted to write a bit about the band, to introduce some of the readers to a band they might not have heard of before.

Interview with Vinne and Brandon

The Movielife was always a band that meant a lot to me. I first heard them on on the first Drive-Thru records DVD, which had a live video of the band playing "Hand Grenade" and the music video for "Walking on Glass." These songs immediately spoke to me as they covered topics I knew quite a bit about, but were presented in a more "hardcore" way that what I typically listened to at the time and these dudes seemed a lot like me in that they looked like they liked to have a few drinks and have some fun.

"Hand Grenade" Live by The Movielife

Offcial Music Video for "Walking on Glass" by The Movielife

Shortly thereafter they released the record, "Forty Hour Train Back to Penn," which had amazing songs like: "Jamestown," "Face or Kneecaps," "Kelly Song," and "Jamaica Next."

"Jamestown," instantly resonated with me for some reason. I really loved the line "If my mind's the weapon, then my heart's the extra clip." For a while (and maybe still?) I really wanted to have this as a tattoo. The music video was amazing to me I just loved seeing these regular dudes rocking out playing a song that described something which had happened to them. If I remember it correctly, they had a pretty bad van wreck while on tour and had to return home on a train.

Official Music Video for "Jamestown" by The Movielife

It then felt almost directly after "Forty Hour Train Back to Penn" was release the band broke up. I was pretty sad about it, but was consoled by Brandon's new project, Nightmare of You and Vinnie's I Am the Avalanche, both of which I was really down with, although I did like Nightmare of you a bit more, as it was very much informed by the music of Morresy and The Smiths. I Am the Avalanche was also good and felt a lot like where The Movielife would have gone if the band had continued.

Whereas Nightmare of You had this great demo called "I'd Dodge a Bullet For You" with amazing lines like "And the pain is real / But so are the pills / I can talk to my therapist pretend you don't exist" that I really loved, but then I Am the Avalanche had songs like "Dead and Gone" with these amazing guitar parts that just blew me away!

"I'd Dodge a Bullet For You" by Nightmare of You

"Dead and Gone" by I Am the Avalanche

Back when I read a little site,, like every day I'd keep reading these posts where I'd hear someone had offered The Movielife reunion shows at these big festivals and a former member would always say something to the effect of. "We're trying to move forward with our new music and don't want to backtrack." So needless to say when I randomly heard last year they were doing some reunion shows I was elated, I was constantly looking up videos from these shows on youtube and jamming out to them. Then my world was rocked when I heard they were releasing a new record titled, "Cities in Search of a Heart"

"Jamestown" Live at a The Movielife Reunion Show

When I finally got a chance to hear the record at the end of September last year, I was absolutely blown away! The songs were just so well crafted and I felt like both Vinne and Brandon had brought their experiences with other projects to craft some of the best The Movielife songs ever!

So that's my story about The Movielife, I really really hope you will check them out!